The surface of David Benforado’s paintings is active and dynamic. Creating his own mediums and paints from pigments has enabled him to achieve multi-layered textured transparencies and to build up surfaces. In his latest works Benforado uses the element of silence and pause as a point of departure to create space for contemplation. The paintings bear simple titles corresponding to the first reading of colour identification, ie. Pink. However, on a closer observation multiple layers are revealed which build up the surface of the paintings, and the colors hidden under the apparent dominant color.

David Benforado was born in 1977 in Athens. He studied painting and sculpture/installation at Brandeis University (USA) under Graham Campbell, Susan Lichman, Tom Bills and Enrico Gatson. He continued his studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Budapest) under Akos Birkas. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, projects and performances in Europe and in the USA. He lives and works in Berlin.

The theorist of theatre studies and art critic Eleni Varopoulou comments thus on Benforado’s work: “[…] Benforado’s quest results in the production of mental landscapes, before which the viewer can muse, imagine places and moments overtaken by forces of nature, like wind or fire, experiences the recall of a cosmological phenomenon, just before things assumed shapes and became visual elements. There is even the feeling that behind all the layers of paint, in these paraphrased landscapes that invoke the outwardly, Genesis and Revelation may emerge.”